[DONE]Oversea area will resume operation within 1-2 weeks.

What will be updated:

[DONE]1. Unconditional refund channel will be closed on May 10th.
If you want to cancel your order, please do so as early as possible.

[DONE]2. We will count the remaining orders. For orders we cannot ship, we will process refund automatically, you do not need to submit a ticket. For orders we can ship but cannot guarantee the time of shipping, we will push back the expected shipping date — Please note that checking orders will take time - We have sent all emails, please check your inbox. If you do not receive any emails, then your order is under production.

[In the queue]3. Some countries (such as US and Australia) will have the option to combine orders to reduce shipping fees — Website is being upgraded and tested. It will take time to add this feature. We will also add a feature of address change between different countries/regions. Our customer service team is learning how to calculate the shipping difference at this time.

[Almost done]4. Additional commerce platforms will be used such as Amazon.

[DONE]5. Addtion of distribution centers such as Taiwan.

[DONE]6. Novel reading website will close operation to prepare for further updates
(There will be a poll for new features), there will be more information later.

[In the queue]7. Our BBS will resume regular operation.

[DONE]8. We no longer offer Gift Card purchase, but you still can use the Gift Card
you purchased before.

[DONE]9. We will bring back offline pickup — specific locations TBD. It will take some time.

[In Progress]10. Customer service website will be upgraded. We will try to connect our website to Shopify so that buyers can log into their Shopify accounts to request for modifications on orders — This feature will take time and at this
point we are not sure if it's entirely doable.

For projects that require time, we will try to complete them as soon as possible.
In the meantime, if there are any questions, please send email to

We thank you for your patience.