[On Stock] Two Faces

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[On Stock] Two Faces

ISBN: 978-1-7753301-1-0

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Yin Chou disguises himself to be kind and innocent for easier deception. He met a kind, good-tempered man, Zhou Zheng at the first time he cheats alone.

Zhou originally thought Yin was cute, pure and kind. But when he saw Yin’s cheeky rascal nature exposed, he smiled. He tore off his mask of a gentleman and slept with Yin with no hesitation.


Production Information:

Number of Pages: 376 pp text + 2 pp cover

Finished Size: 5.5”w X 8.5”h

Text Stock: 375 Digitally printed 1/1, 1 pp 4/4 on 50lb cream text

Cover Stock: Digitally printed 4/0 on 12pt cardstock

Cover Finishing: Gloss lamination with Gold Foil Stamp

Binding: Perfect Bound

Peripheral products: Postcard


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Expected delivery: March


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