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[On Stock]The Challenger




Su Zhe, the star player of League of Legends, joined the LC E-Sports Club in the new season and became a teammate of the genius ADC Zhang Fanyan. At first, they were at each other’s throat and didn't coordinate with each other, which affected the score of their team. To win the upcoming game, they actively tried to build a tacit understanding and gradually developed closer relationship. With the mutual support of all members, LC overcame various difficulties and defeated one strong enemy after another. The members grew all the way. Even though nobody thought they were going to win, they believed in themselves and persisted in their dreams. Finally they reached the top, and returned with glory.

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Vol1: Number of Pages:  pp text (b/w) + 2 pp cover 
Vol2: Number of Pages:  pp text (b/w) + 2 pp cover
Finished Size: 5.5”w X 8.5”h
Text Stock: 55Ib cream paper
Cover Stock:Special paper stock
Cover Finishing: Foil Stamp
Binding: Perfect bound
Peripheral products: Metal special-shaped Badge, Bookplate * 1, Postcard X2 (You will receive the author’s signature for the first hour)

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