PUBG Cyber Lovers

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PUBG Cyber Lovers

ISBN: 978-1-77408-035-1, 978-1-77408-034-4


PUBG Cyber Lovers
Author: Jiang Zi Bei
Pre-sale: Oct 19, 2019 – Dec 19, 2019


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Number of Pages:
Vol.1 438pp text (b/w) + 2 pp cover
Vol.2 406pp text (b/w) + 2 pp cover
Finished Size: 5.5”w X 8.5”h
Text Stock: 55Lb cream paper
Cover Stock: Special paper stock
Binding: Swen
Cover Finishing: halogram
Peripheral products: Postcard*1, PVC card*1, Folding paper*1, Poster*1, Irregular bookmrk*1(you will earn the author’s special signatures for the first 6 hours, and normal signatures for the first 24 hours)


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