[On Stock] My Sponsor Went Bankrupt

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[On Stock] My Sponsor Went Bankrupt

ISBN: 978-1-77408-002-3/978-1-77408-001-6


After finished, Huo Qianfan cuddled up to Jiang Qijun on the bed, satisfied and satiate. Jiang got up, tucked Huo in for bed and said: "I’m going back home. You should go to bed early." Huo held his waist and didn’t let him go, pretending to be asleep and didn't hear what Jiang said. Jiang didn’t know whether he would laugh or cry. “Hey,” he replied gently, “Nuonuo slept alone. He sometimes kicks the quilt and easily catches a cold." Huo suddenly opened his hazel eyes: “throw me away after you took me enough?” His aggrieved eyes accused Jiang as if Jiang is a ruthless heartbreaker.

It’s a story about a bankrupt toff being kept by his “sugar baby”. It’s also about how he grew up from an untamable wolf dog to a reliable man, defeated the opponents, took back the property and lived a happy life with his beloved spouse and child.

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Number of Pages:
Vol.1 215 pp text (b/w) + 1 pp text (color) + 2 pp cover
Vol.2 247 pp text (b/w) + 1 pp text (color) + 2 pp cover
Finished Size: 5.5”w X 8.5”h
Text Stock: 215 and 247 pp offset? printed 1/1, 1 pp 4/4 on 50Ib cream text
Cover Stock:To Be Confirmed
Cover Finishing: TBC
Binding:Perfect Bound
Cover Finishing:TBC
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