[On Stock] My Rival Kisses Me Everyday in My Dream

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[On Stock] My Rival Kisses Me Everyday in My Dream


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Mi Le and his rival Tong Yi kissed in his dream, and made himself a total mess.

The most terrible thing is that, he quarreled with Tong every time they meet at day time but dated with Tong in his dream at night time.

Little did he dream about that until the day came when he was in a trance sitting at the desk. Tong came back drunk, called him “honey” and kissed him on his lips.

Tong called him this way only in his dream.


Tong Yi scolded Mi Le on WeChat everyday. He sent the words as remark along with the red packets on WeChat to make sure that Mi will read his message. If Mi opens the red packets and sees the words, he will know.

Tong kept sending the red packets along with his words for several months.

Gradually Mi found that the total amount of each day's red packets is 521 RMB.

At first, Tong thought Mi was a trouble maker.

Later, when he saw Mi scolded the members of the drama club, he smiled even more brilliantly:"My honey is so lively and lovely."

Mi Le: "We two together are Condor Heroes."

Tong Yi: "How? Are you Xiaolongnv?"

Mi Le: "No. I'm the hero. You are the condor."

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Vol.1   302pp text (b/w) + 1 pp text (color) + 2 pp cover 
Vol.2   308pp text (b/w) + 1 pp text (color) + 2 pp cover
Finished Size: 5.5”w X 8.5”h
Text Stock: 366 and 366 pp offset? printed 1/1, 1 pp 4/4 on 55Ib cream text
Cover Stock:To Be Confirmed
Cover Finishing: TBC
Binding:Perfect Bound 
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