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[On Stock] My Only Support

ISBN: 978-1-7753301-6-5, 978-1-7753301-5-8

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 You Liangxing seldom talk or even open the MIC when gaming.
That's because he has a seductive voice.

One day, he entered the game and met a talky teammate.
He's so annoyed that he couldn't help opening the microphone. And he said: "Shut up."

The talky guy was stunned by his voice.
Suddenly, he heard a long deep groan of joy from that guy.
You Liangxing: "..."

Later, he found the talky guy is actually the ace in the game.
And later, he, without noticing, became his only SUP(support) ,
...and boyfriend.

Production Information:

Number of Pages: 350 pp text + 2 pp cover + endsheets X2
Finished Size: 5.5”w X 8.5”h
Text Stock: 310 offset printed 1/1, 1 pp 4/4 on 50lb cream text
Cover: To be determined
Endsheets: To be determined
Binding: Perfect Bound
Peripheral products:Postcard*2 (you will earn the author's special signatures for the first day and normal signatures for the first week)

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Pre-sale: March 16, 2019 –April 30, 2019
2019-03-16 – 2019-03-23: 24.99 CAD (including HST)
2019-03-24-2019-04-30: 25.99 CAD(including HST)
Expected delivery: May
On Stock: 26.99 CAD

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