[On Stock] He Set the Fire

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[On Stock] He Set the Fire


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Question: My mother remarried and now I got an 18-year-old step-brother. I hate him so much. What should I do? Urgent! Any ideas?

His friend instigated:" This guy is in a good figure and he has abdominals. Capture him!

Brother: Exactly. His muscles are good to touch!

Younger Brother: My brother always touched me at midnight. I got inflamed. What should I do?

Oh, I nearly forgot that I came here to made him mine.

It’s you that set the fire. Don't blame me. My brother.

Production Information:

Vol.1 330 pp text (b/w) + 1 pp text (color) + 2 pp cover
Vol.2 330 pp text (b/w) + 1 pp text (color) + 2 pp cover
Finished Size: 5.5”w X 8.5”h
Text Stock: 366 and 366 pp offset printed 1/1, 1 pp 4/4 on 55Ib cream text
Cover Stock:To Be Confirmed
Cover Finishing: TBC
Binding:Perfect Bound
Peripheral products: Postcard*2 (you will earn the author’s signatures for the first week)

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Pre-sale: 4.13-6.13
4.20-6.13 31.99 CAD(including HST and postage)
4.20-6.13 32.99 CAD(including HST and postage)
Expected delivery: July - September
On Stock: 33.99 CAD(including HST and postage)

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